Your words and thoughts are creating your reality




This solo episode of How To Be Spiritual & Sassy has been created to help you move out of your limited belief stories and help you to become more aware of how you are speaking and thinking about yourself, your life, and others.

If you are constantly complaining about life and thinking about the things you don’t like then expect more of that to show up. 

The universal laws are here to help you to connect with your truth a knowing we are all connected. When we speak badly about others we are living the lie of separation, separation is created to create fear and lack which drives consumerism, and aids control. With my mentorship, group programmes and in person events I teach how to come from a place of your divine conciousness, this comes from a place of oneness, a place of unity.

My mission is to empower women to step into their divine gifts, to become conscious beings. We can choose to lift your vibration, you are a creator of your reality. It is my wish that everyone meets themself in a place of their highest frequency.

Abraham Hicks teachings tell us to lean into gratitude, to lean into tasks that drive us into feeling good. Tunning into your highest frequency comes from slowing down, being still, and observing the small miracles that happen every day.

I speak about becoming a mother for the second time I knew that I would have less time to connect to my highest self and self care. In this episode, I talk about ways to find time.

When you can slow down you can create ways of embodying and visualising the life they want and how to make that tangible.

An invitation to my gift two-hour workshop to connect to a life you can start to say “OMFG pinch me is this really my life” feeling relaxed and inflow. It just takes a few shifts to move out of worrying wendy to feeling frigging fabulous.

This workshop will be right for you if

I love getting to know my listeners, or hearing your ah-ha moments you can connect on:

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