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Introducing you to Kim Craig offering you a section at The Healing Fest ONLINE just next weekend had me thinking about my own journey to the birth of my baby only a few short weeks away now for the second time after sixteen years and what journey I’ve had!


It feels like a different lifetime like a lizard who has shed many skins and been through so many phases of her life! 


This time birth is going to be totally different having prepared, gaining support from others leaning into love and trusting the divine timing of the universe. I’m under no illusion it’s not going to be uncomfortable but I am now tooled up with knowledge which the eighteen year old self (the age I had my son) didn’t have a clue about!


I have been on such a journey with my body over the last decade at the ripe age of 34 I think I have finally developed a healthy relationship with it (I call it her) after neglecting her for so many years of my early twenties, with binge eating, drinking smoking and partying hard with binges of drugs.


Once I started to try to overcome that negative self-sabotage and self-hatred I found a love for fitness and healthy eating but without realising, I was using these amazing tools which are supposed to revitalise your body, I was using them to punish my body. Pushing her to the extremes with fad diets and punishment self talk to get me motivated which your body listens too. It is no wonder that when I finally became ready to have another baby with the right man my body and womb was just so sad that it couldn’t conceive a baby.


After losing two babies, I knew something had to change. It made me befriend my womb and listen to the way I treat my body intuitively. Instead of punishing it/ her with exercise, I am listening to what it needs and self-soothing mothering myself which is now what I teach my wonderful clients!


I’ve never felt so connected to my body, womb and now little cherub growing inside me. Planning my birth has been a completely different experience using hypnotherapy and EFT at the beginning to help overcome an ectopic pregnancy, then very soon after losing a baby at twelve weeks, I was terrified this pregnancy would go wrong again.


In that session was the first time I spoke to my womb and asked her what she wants, ever since that day I regularly connect with my womb and baseline chakras which hold, grief, shame and anger. So many women do not know about how powerful the womb is, how the cycles affect everything as a woman which will also be discussed at The Healing Fest at The Red Tent Experience, Sunday 17th May 11:45, £37 for two days and over 2 experts plus the option to download and watch in your own time after the event. 


I then went onto exploring hypnobirthing with Birthworks Brighton to overcome the fears from my first birth being induced to then having an epidural over three long days of stopping and starting. No happy, love, birth bubble was created I was just in sheer panic and stress which now I know after classes with Birthworks makes the birth slower and more painful (ouch!) 


This time I have rehearsed the birth over and over with the guide of hypnobirthing scripts and meditation breathing techniques to practice for each stage, which I know now the more intense the closer I am to meeting my baby. I found the course was so good and Kim and Tamsin, the information was so reassuring I decided to invite them to speak at The Healing Fest to offer expecting mums as this, especially daunting time not knowing what birth looks like due to the unique circumstances going on worldwide. 


In another blog post and my podcast will be talking about after how I got on! (Let’s hope it exceeds my expectations) I’ll just have to wait and see what the universe has in store for us! TBC. 


I hope my journey gives hope, faith and courage to women who have experienced the loss of babies, or women to connect to a kind, loving, nurturing self that is open to us all but maybe we haven’t heard for a very long time she lives inside us all. Coaches like myself and Kim really care about you reach out to chat if you need some extra guidance or support. 

MEET Kim Craig 

Owner Birthworks Brighton 

Who are you and what do you do?

Tansy and I met over 20yrs ago when our eldest children were little.  We shared philosophy and outlook on life that carries through to the present day.  We have been friends all this time and all our children are of a similar age although Tansy has 4 and I have 3.  When our youngest children became of an age where we could concentrate on our love of birth and new parenthood we both, independently, pursued careers in the birthing world.  Tansy fell naturally into the postpartum paradigm whilst I was drawn into birth and birth preparation.  We came together often to talk about what we were experiencing and learning.  We found we had much to say and during one such conversation BirthWorks was born.  We wanted a place where we could bring together our collective knowledge and leave enough room for it to grow.  Writing the Ancient Wisdom Modern Practice was a natural next step as we realised there was little birth preparation that covered the physical, emotional and spiritual journey we knew birth to be.  Its been a magical and creative process.  Our lives work through our own experience through to the realisation of this path and now the course.  Everything has aligned beautifully to put us in the perfect place at the perfect time and its very exciting.

What can we expect from you at The Healing Fest?  

A short talk on why we feel birth is so much more than the act of getting a baby from inside a mothers womb to the outside world through a vagina.  It is, in fact, the most perfect dance between intricate physical, mental and spiritual elements of a process that will push us to our absolute limits, spitting us as emotionally open as we will ever be, only to be re-assembled on the other side an entirely different person…  a new mother.

who are you excited about seeing there and why?

Kirsty Kianifiard and Roadmapping your life for success – Always looking for ways to improve this area of my life.   Hanna Morrish – I love the idea of yoga and Hypnosis and what’s not to love about releasing stress!  I will also be checking out Breathwork with Dawn Wilson and the Soul Motion Dancing!

Everything… I love all aspects of healing and wellbeing

Tell us a random fact about yourself? I have a 30yr old son

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