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The Red Tent Experiance Reiki Chakra Balancing

The Red Tent Experiance

The Healing Fest is excited to bring you an ancient tradition.

Red Tent is based on ancient traditions, where women and girls gather together to support, empower & share, it is a time of support, rest and reflection. Red Tent for Women – Our meet-ups are about sharing and encouraging one another to shine. Often our Tribers offer their own modalities through a talk or workshop, sometimes we have guest speakers. At every event, meditation, cacao ritual, and sisterhood are all important elements to our time spent in circle. Red Tent for Teens – Traditionally, girls would start attending the Red Tent when their bodies start to cycle with the moon, they would learn about their fertility cycles & every facet of being a woman.


Red Tent for Mothers
Pregnancy and postpartum are important times both physically and emotionally. It’s a time when women are looking for support from others and an opportunity to be heard. We encourage all girls and women to get involved in this timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures which serves as a regular forum, empowering women’s sense of sisterhood and self-love.
Natalie Burtenshaw
Red Tent Facilitator and Energy Healer 
Title What is a Red Tent?
I am passionate about sitting in space with women, sharing, collaborating and supporting.
 For me, being part of this group truly has been a liberating experience. I have gained so much knowledge from my fellow Sisterhood. Everything we do and discuss gives you real-world tools to unlock your full potential and live life on your own terms, knowing you have the backing of your Sisters from the Red Tent Tribe in a safe non-judgmental environment. 
Katharina Pfeiffer
Title – The Superpowers Of Your Menstrual Cycle
My name is Katharina and I’m a Redschool menstrual cycle mentor and yoga teacher. My favourite yoga practices are “Well Woman Yoga Therapy” and Yoga Nidra as these support the menstrual cycle and the moon cycle for women who are not bleeding or have moved beyond their menstruating years.

I am passionate about the many ways yoga can support women throughout their life.  Through the exploration of the divine feminine, engaging in menstrual consciousness and tailoring the practice of yoga in a way that uniquely supports and nurtures women’s physical and emotional health.

I believe in the radical change that comes from resting, love and compassion and so I create a safe space in my classes enabling you to feel supported and encouraged to find your own expression of the divine feminine within you.

Jennifer Merritt

Sparkle and Divine Goddess of the Soul 

I offer the invitation through oracle cards to be open to a new therapy for all. Whatever comes your way you have to get through it this blessing will you help to open yourself up to manifesting true abundance into your life. Experience an oracle card reading empowering yourself to become conscious knowing happiness is your duty to create a Sparkle and Divine life. Let me help you create the miracle of the bigger picture.

Enrich your mind and soul with a life-affirming and heart-healing reading with the Sparkle and Divine Goddess of the Soul. The offerings are:

Oracle Card Readings

Crystal Readings

Reiki Healing

Intuitive Reading 

Life Coaching

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IG: sparkledivinegoddessofthesoul

I am Augustina Tetsola  a Transformational and empowerment coach.


Title of talk   “ The power of the wheel of life to create an Abundant life “


The Wheel of life is a powerful coaching tool used to support people to restore balance to their work, home, leisure, relationships, spiritual and personal development.


The key to a Happy joyful life rests on the ability of the individual to understand their underlying values and so reveal the factors causing balance or imbalance.


I will demonstrate how you can use the wheel of life combined with mindset shifts to unlock your full potential creating transformation and fulfilment in all aspects of your life.


Contact me for relationship, wellness and lifestyle coaching at:




Kahrella Anahra
Title is: Channeling Guidance for this TIme of Ascension
Kahreela Anhara is a Channel, Space holder, Earth-worker, Shadow Healer, Portal Guardian, Temple Alchemist and Priestess of Tantra. She is co-runs the Starlight Temple (www.starlight-meditation.com) which offers Courses and Ceremonies that help people all over the world become more empowered, connected and live more of their paths through the divine conversation. Throughout the year the Starlight Temple runs Soul Journeys which are sacred multi-dimensional travel adventures, where the self, light and earth workflow as one through a combination of the sacred site and portal ceremony, plant medicine, music medicine, Shadow Alchemy, and many types of channelled and temple healings which create power transformation on personal and collective levels. The journeys are light warrior journeys that happen on the magic frontier of this time of Ascension and take place in different lands all over the world. Kahreela and Starlight offer sacred ceremonial space for people to transform their lives by facing and healing their shadows so that they can awaken into the potential of their paths and destiny