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Laura Beddoe Self Love And Abundance Coach

Laura Beddoe - Holistic Therapist

Self Love & Abundance Coach

Laura Beddoe Brighton Based Holistic Therapist has been studying the law of attraction for over ten years. She has had her practice coming up to one year January 2020, where she decided to live in the light of love instead of fear caring about what others think to do what she loves which is energy work.

At THE HEALING FEST she will be offeringa self love and inner child healing session. Laura has a calming and grounding nature the minute you sit down on your matt. Laura uses reiki and hypnosis techniques to get you into a deep restful rem state, balancing the chakras allowing life force to flow through you, which gets you on your path to your highest self, she also calls for any old love or relationship energy fragments to go back to their rightful owner and restore your energy back to balance. Using hypnosis in the session you will also have a chance to do some inner child healing. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, lighter, empowered and focused.


She will also be offering inspiring talk on how she used the law of attraction. Going from one bad relationship to the next, becoming homeless and  broke she applied the rules of clearing out blocks of fear, resentment and forgiveness to becoming a successful business owner, meeting her soul mate, living in her dream home and waking up each day with purpose. she will be giving everyone her top tips to change your circumstances if you are unhappy using the law of attraction.