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Hannah Morrish Hypnotherapy And Yoga
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Hannah Morrish - Hypnotherapist And Yoga

THE HEALING FEST is proud to work alongside such talent in the alternative treatments and wellbeing sector such as Hannah Morrish. 
Hannah will be offering at THE HEALING FEST  potent blend of hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), matrix re-imprinting and solution-focused psychotherapy to support humans to heal the past, create a new future and gentle empower them to step into it whole-heartedly. Hannah also guides yoga, combining conscious breath work, beautiful guided visualisations and essential oils to create a joyful, calming and truly peaceful experience on the mat.
Learning Emotional Freedom Technique to soothe anxiety 
EFT or ‘tapping’ is a powerful way of soothing your body and mind when you notice those feelings that are sending a message to your brain that you’re anxious. Through a combination of tapping on acupressure points across the body and voicing what you’re feeling and the reason for the anxiety, you can bring your body and mind back into balance. 
In this session Hannah will introduce to you the basic tapping process so that you can use this technique whenever you need too. You’ll leave the session feeling calm and with an understanding of how tapping works and how it can help you.
Hypnotherapy for connecting to your inner wisdom 
Hypnosis is a gentle therapy that brings not only deep restorative relaxation, but also supports the mindset changes you’d like to create. In this session Hannah will guide you on an inner-journey, connecting you with the parts of yourself that have an important message to share. You’ll leave the session feeling rested, relaxed and truly connected to your heart wisdom.
Yin yoga for self-belief 
In yin yoga we hold the postures for longer. Breathing deeply into our bodies and letting gravity do the work. This supports us to release emotional tension and cultivate self confidence by trusting ourselves to simply be present. In this session Hannah will guide you through a series of postures that raise, nourish and restore self-belief, trust and confidence in yourself. You will leave noticing the feeling of more space in your body and that inner-smile that you reminds you that everything you need is within.