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Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira Deep Healing Change Maker

Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira - Deep Healing Change Maker

Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira- She Shines Georgie is a Deep Healing Change Maker. She works in a compassionate and creative way using a beautiful blend of transformational modalities including Clinical Hypnotherapy, imaginative NLP, mind blowing Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Core Transformation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), shadow work and Life Coaching. Working intuitively, Georgie gently, yet powerfully guides Gorgeous Souls just like you on magical journeys through, in and around their stories, beliefs, values and past experiences, shifting perspective, creating lasting change, and leading you to a place where you can focus on creating a magnificent future for yourself. Georgie is on a mission to give you full permission to deeply feel into all of your feelings, the light and the dark, the beautiful and the ugly, the strong and the vulnerable; getting out of that rational, critical thinking mind and into the powerful and healing sensations with your incredible body. Georgie believes it is your birthright to step into your power, to fall in love with all aspects of your fabulous self.

Georgie will be offering at The Healing Fest weekend Webinar: 

Soul Motion Dance 

Become an energy shape shifter and give your soul permission to release, let go and be moved to the high vibe sounds of awesome music, in amazing company. Let your heart open and invite all of your feelings to be explored, to flow through your body with effortless, instinctive expression- there are no rules, if it feels good, go with it. So often we carry stuck and stagnant energy in our bodies that cause, pain, discomfort and nagging tension. Burn out and low mood sets in and your body feels creaky, sluggish and heavy. The first time I danced in this way I was ecstatic. It took me a while to work out why it had had such a profound impact on me, and then it hit me; through moving my body in a free expression of my truest and most genuine feelings, I remembered what its like to be ME. You will love this I promise you, and if there is any resistance at all, this means you need this more than ever- feel the fear and dive right in!


Defrazzle & Dazzle- Release to Rise. Defrazzle is your heavenly dose of emotional strength, positivity and blissfully deep relaxation.


It’s precious, and much deserved time out for no-one else but YOU. This is a gift to yourself, for you to experience the treasures your heart and soul have waiting for you, deep within. Gently peel back the layers of responsibility, the pressure, the expectation, the exhaustion and all of your identities and give yourself permission to delve into your wild and playful imagination. Release any unwelcome feelings, memories, and emotions that you’re ready to rise up and above. Lovingly connect in with your body, all of the sensations it feels today, in this moment, thank it for its positive intentions and for keeping you safe, and then give yourself permission to be guided into a world of full of light, wonder and magical transcendence. This empowering and uplifting and energy shifting session will allow you to simply be you, it’ll ensure you leave feeling lighter, brighter and gorgeously energised, ready to allow the high vibes to ripple out into your every day life.


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