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Stop being a prisoner of the past!

I am writing this blog post inspired by last nights Self Care Sunday hosted on the Facebook page every Sunday at 7 pm UK time. This weeks topic is about how people can go through years of hell trapped in their own mind as a prisoner.

Its usually in our darkest moments we decide to prey or reach out to something greater than ourselves.

What inspired this weeks topic was listening to a Oprah podcast in my car a lady in her 90’s Edith Eva Egar. Her mother killed in the holocaust at just fifteen years old, she speaks about kindness in the tough days on the death walk they made children go on how they huddled together and how she went on to survive that but was held a prisoner in her own mind for many years after. Something I think many of us can relate to and how she has found helping other people going through trauma helps her. She feels god saved her to help others. Every day I love listening to something which inspires me to be better, be more connected to my higher power or lifts me up, it helps keep me present and free.

I can really relate to that, the woman went through hell my life can not compare to that suffering but I have experienced my own trauma which led onto living in a prison in my mind and it’s through learning to forgive myself and others and to be vulnerable I was able to come out the other side. When I was in that head space I it was like a thick fog over me, I couldn’t see past my nose, daily I would just want the day to end. For many years I didn’t know why I felt that way I had buried the traumatic experiences so deep it was only in the past 3 years I remembered I was carrying around so much guilt and shame that I self sabotaged to the point I didn’t want to be here. But god wanted me to live I can’t tell you how happy I am I didn’t take my own life now, I can see it would of been a waste of a wonderful life and gifts I can share with the world. Can you use your story to help another get through their pain and suffering?

There are so many that are living a day to day experience there is a way out and it’s through a daily routine with my higher power that I am thriving not surviving.

I was desperate when I found the divine/ god/ my higher power what ever you feel most comfortable with just to be clear bring spiritual you don’t have to have a religion all regions are welcome.

As Rumi says ‘Darkness is where the light enters.’

I’m not saying either be positive as I am fully aware when you are depressed that isn’t an option.If you have faith that there is something greater than you, that wants the best for you it makes things seem lighter plus not as alone which I think many that are in depression suffer. Talking to others can help you feel less alone and confirmation that you are not the only person suffering, let it go and move forward to be free.