So you have tried using the law of attraction but you didnt get what you wanted?

Let’s talk about the law of attraction. In this weeks episode,  of  Spiritual and Sassy The Podcast.


Laura Beddoe shares with you ten years of trial and error using the law of attraction. Just one of the universal laws which is included in her workshops and new six-week programme which is coming VERY SOON!

The key to receiving what you want is getting out of your own way. Ask, believe that what you want is coming, let go (which is the part the book (The Secret by Rhonda Bryne)  leaves out and then receive, receive, receive.

Also, be grateful for what you have now if you want a new house, how do you treat your current house?
Do you say kind things about it?
Do you treasure all the amazing memories and love that’s been held there?
The universe gives us more of what we put out remember so appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. Look at your body with love, send love to strangers. 
Visualise that you already have what you want. Just like when you order from amazon and you know that what you want is coming in the post on next day delivery you don’t doubt it it’s on its way that’s how you should feel about everything you want. The Universe/ God wants you to thrive.
A TASK  📝 Grab a note pad…

1. Write down some things you would like to happen this week, the amount of money you want to make, how many clients you want to attract if you own a business, So you want to attract new opportunities, a new potential love interest, to loose 5lbs whatever it is you want. 
2. On a scale of 1- 10 how likely do you believe that this will happen?
If it’s not already a ten then you are not matching the energy of what you want to attract but don’t worry we will get you there! 
3. Now write down why you don’t believe it’s a ten, what’s stopping you from getting there? Where is the resistance blocking it? 
4. Now ask why then why again, then why until there are no answers left. Then you are left with the core belief you are carrying around which is usually I’m not good enough, or I’m not pretty enough, or I’m frightened of not being liked, or what if I fail or what if I succeed? 


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