Do you want to step into a place of confidence in yourself?

Do you want to stop repeating the same patterns?

Are you ready to level up?

What would it be like to make lasting change so that you wake up living a life where you are balanced and at ease every day?

Does that just seem so far away right now?

Heart, Womb, Mind activation is a technique that Laura Beddoe created to transform women’s lives. Infusing hypnosis with reiki and bioenergy you will quite literally see and feel a shift in your mind and physical body.

The Healing Rooms offers a safe space to unravel the past to step into your future using a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy we get down to the root cause of your blocks to move forwards. We tidy up old lifelines and stories to quantum leap.

If life feels heavy together we unload the baggage to feel light again.