GIFT WORKSHOP – Happy Healthy Me Project



15th March – 8pm on ZOOM 

Ditch the diet, focus on body confidence and learn to make healthy choices with the support of a community of women doing the same thing. Your body is wonderful no matter what size; when we can learn to treat our bodies like the magical vehicle that it is, it will reward us with vitality, longevity and long term health. 

Who is it for?

This is for the woman who has tried all the diets and nothing works – because guess what they don’t work! Our brain is programmed to choose the foods we eat through patterns we have learned so guess what, when we get into a lack mindset we fail over and over and develop low self-worth in the process. 


For the woman who has had a baby and hasn’t bounced back as she was expecting and is comparing herself to other women, I hear you, I see you. Having a baby is life-changing; no one can prepare you for the changes you are going to experience physically and mentally, here you will learn how to stop beating yourself up and to be kinder to yourself. 


The woman who exercises to punish herself for eating something she classes as naughty foods. 


The woman who has developed a really negative opinion of herself and is constantly criticising her body. 


How will it work? 


In this community, we will be encouraging each other to make healthy choices to treat our body like the temple that it is designed to be. This is not an instructor telling you what to do with a cookie-cutter programme this is guided sessions to dive deep into your subconscious to make new patterns in your neo-logical brain wave patterns. I invite you to join a community to share your choices daily to keep you motivated and inspired teamed up with some healthy living suggestions to follow. Each week we will have challenges and each month we will cover a new topic to be kind to our mind, body and soul. This programme has been designed during the pandemic a time we have had lots of our basic human needs taken away, this has been cleverly designed to cover all of your fundamental human needs so that you can thrive not just survive. 


What to expect: 


  • Access to a private online community of women sharing their progress and ideas for recipes, fitness and body confidence.
  • Weekly Challenges for motivation and inspiration. 


Learn how to:

  • Be kind to the negative perspective you have built up for your body.
  • To like yourself again just as you are.
  • Listen to what your body needs.


Why choose this programme? 


It is designed with heart and a passion to help women to meet themselves where they are, not through shame or what someone tells you you should eat, drink or how your body should look but what gives your body pleasure. For you to find the motivation to give your body great nutrition, learn to listen to what it wants and needs rather than punishment and pain!  

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What the community had to say – five weeks into the six-week course Healthy Happy Me Project: