Living with Bipolar – Emma K Belle aka Vunerablity Rocks

Emma Belle is a podcast host and Mental Health Advocate. Emma is 38, originally from Brighton, UK, has lived in Paris, Geneva and now Dubai. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder ten years ago. Emma shares her best practices for managing mental health with daily practices, tips and resources through her social media platforms, blogs and podcast. The podcast host talks to guests who have confronted their own hardships/demons and have moved through their journey with vulnerability and openness.


“When I was diagnosed, I didn’t know where to turn, I felt desperate for help, direction and understanding. I am passionate about sharing my own experience and learned tools with others as I know it would have helped me so much to have had the tools and knowledge that I have now, back then. The podcast is to inspire people to keep standing back up. I believe in you, I hope you do too”


What the workshop inspirational chat will be about: My daily routine and toolbox for managing my mental health and emotional wellbeing. Identifying and challenging our emotions, triggers and negative beliefs and narratives.


Emma will be hosting a thirty-minute chat regarding Rituals for best practice alongside mental health at The Healing Fest this weekend Saturday 16th May – 15:45.


Useful links: https://linktree/emmakbelle


Laura Beddoe:

”I have known Emma for many years now. Her integrity, grit and determination are second to none all skills which can overpower her in her illness as she explained in a recent interview on The Healing Rooms – Self Care Sunday BROADCAST but are real attributes to her when she is in her power, which she describes so articulately. It is a honer to know Emma and to have her as part of an integral pillar to The Healing Rooms – Healing Fest & Wild Woman Inner Circle which launches SOON! ”


Get to know Emma more with our Q&A 

Who are you and what do you do? 

I am a human who shows up in her truth and vulnerability to work through my trauma and beliefs to end generational trauma and patterns to heal my ancestral line and to inspire others to do the same. Podcaster, Blogger and doing a fabulous job of being me.

What can we expect from you at The Healing Fest?

Honesty, vulnerability and openness in sharing my experience to help others.


Tell us a random fact about yourself?

 I trained as a Funeral mortician when I left school and will open my own funeral home when I am 50, my heart is calling me.


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