Inner Child Healing and Self Parenting with Laura Beddoe

All month I have been banging on about Self Love it’s a word that seems to be banded about currently but what does it actually mean? How do you actually start to love yourself more? If you had to write down a list of all the things you love how far would you be down the list? A friend of mine and fellow therapist wrote that recently who is also featuring at The Healing Fest Hannah Morrish check her out here. It really resonated with me because I don’t think most people would even write themselves on the list. In fact, as a younger woman, I remember putting on an act that I was confident even tho painfully self-conscious and a group of strangers saying ‘core she loves herself’ and it effecting me hugely, so much so that it stuck with me for a long time until a recent hypnosis treatment that it had stuck with me! 


It left me with a feeling of not wanting to stand out, not putting on too much makeup, to wear certain clothes to blend in. Women are met with so many mixed messages. Be attractive but not too much so that you stick out, not so sexy so that you are branded a slut! Well now I know after years of holistic treatments and therapy that everyone has an opinion but it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, its what you think that matters, the people that love and have your best interests at heart that matter THAT’S IT!  What self-love means to me is: 


  • Knowing I am a good person with good integrity.
  • That I put my needs first which isn’t selfish its necessary to give fully to those you love. 
  • I say no when something isn’t in alignment with my path. 
  • I keep my word to myself. 
  • I give myself time to connect with the universe to listen to my inner guidance system and angel guides. 
  • I love my shadow and accept her as she is, she only wants to keep me safe. 


I hear you thinking ‘Yes Laura that’s great but how do I do it!’ Which is why I have put together a Free download for you to try The Art of Self Love which many have started and are already getting great results from. 


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The Art of Self Love The Art Of Self Love: Guided Meditation Audio


Inner Child Healing 

The reason I had an issue with my confidence and self-esteem as an adult is I had a wounded inner child which was still very present in my life. In the plan, it tells you how to self parent. If as a child you didn’t always feel safe and secure no matter how big or small, it often means that there is some healing to do on our inner child. Our subconscious stores that s**t and we carry it around as baggage. When we offload the baggage of the past with hypnosis, reiki or other treatments which re-align your energy or thinking processes it changes the pathways in the brain, this creates new positive pathways meaning a positive outlook, removes the block so that you can co-create with the universe for your highest divine self. 


Self parenting 

Self parenting is something I teach my clients which also ties into self love. It’s showing up for yourself as your own parent which is amazing if you wasnt as fortunate as some people that had the safe, security of both parents. This involves:


  • Healthy meals at regular intervals.
  • Checking in on your inner dialogue, is it kind? If not how would you speak to a friend or a child? Be your own cheerleader.
  •  Knowing if you fail at something know it is NEVER a failer just a lesson.
  • Regular breaks in the day. Move the body around after 90 minutes of sitting still means we can work at optimal level. so give yourself  a break!


Move out of your own way to live your best life 



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