How to build a business around your family online with integrity and balance


How to build a business around your family online with integrity and balance. Meet Rebecca Henderson, Spiritual And Sassy The Podcast first guest!



Rebecca is the creator of Instagram community Meet a Mummy Sunday which boomed when the pandemic hit in 2020 a chance for mums to connect and help support online growth. Which is no wonder leaving us new mums stranded when it came to all those things which we so desperately need shedding our skin of the maiden and becoming the mother the nurturer every single time we have another baby. We also need looking after which wasn’t possible so we found a new way. I found a new way of building new connections with an online army of women building each other up! I think Mrs Hinch lead the way showing women can make money from just about anything including window cleaner!! So investigate with Rebecca aka @mammabelle18 to find out how she does it she shares how she can charge up to £500 a post and how she gets sent lots of cool free stuff just for showing up as her!

Naming her daughter after Disney characters Arna & Belle she has a playful nature but underneath is a seriousness about fulfilling her passion which is helping others, she is a driven woman working 45 hours a week, 10 hour days so she gets a full day off with her daughter Belle, plus running a successful social platform, representing brands. Rebecca also shares on mental health, black lives matter, her opinion on vaccinations plus dealing with trolls (extremely gracefully saying ‘I always listen and hear someone out to see what’s underneath and try to be inclusive for all’)

*The Healing Rooms – Spiritual & Sassy The podcast does not represent vaccinations we believe it is up to the individual as mentioned in the podcast we have choices, we do not govern an opinion in the matter, support or oppose.

Rebecca’s 3  tips to monetise social media are:
1. Just be natural be you.
2.  Do not let it consume you, step away when feeling overwhelmed.
3. Never forget who your friends are the people that got you where you are, support your following where you can
Bonus tip: Engage with as many people as you can.

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