How can you change your life RIGHT NOW?

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about setting goals and intentions for the future.

Growing the belief and confidence in yourself to set positive intentions, and build the life that you deserve, can seem daunting. Many people feel blocked by negative self-image, lack of self-belief and don’t know how to access their higher power. The events of the last year have brought with them uncertainty, fear and chaos, highlighting the need for change to so many people.

With lockdown easing and the world slowly creeping back to normality, now can be a great time to think to yourself – what’s next?

Take the very first steps into a future where you can thrive.

In my latest episode of ‘Spiritual & Sassy’ I talk to TED Talk speaker and founder of the empowerment platform Think Network, Gary Doherty. We discuss our experiences with belief, manifestation, achieving our dreams, alongside some important tools to help you achieve yours.

Remember that if you can believe in yourself, then the sky’s the limit

Gary Doherty is the founder of Europe’s fastest growing independent empowerment platform & Europe’s most exclusive Inner Circle. He is also the TEDxDerryLondonderry Curator & License holder | TEDx Speaker. In addition to this Gary is an award winning best selling co author featuring in various books such as Miracle of Intent, Yise Guys & Universal Conversations.

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