How can I get motivated and learn to like my body?

So many women dislike their body, in fact, a study in the independent newspaper in January 2021 shows that 85% of women are on or have tried a fad diet in the UK! fact is diets don’t work for long term results from healthy living and simple changes to the diet, nutrition and getting your body moving can give you long term health benefits, mood and a healthy balanced body.

Laura Beddoe Hypnotherapist and Trauma Coach speaks this week on her podcast Spiritual & Sassy.




 Laura talks about her own personal experience with body hang-ups over the years, lack of self esteem and looking for validation from men. The episode talks about suicide, how you can harness your monthly cycle to suit your motivation, comparison, addiction to sugar, how women are sticking their middle finger up to consumerism conditioning and how to befriend the ‘mean girl’ critical self talk. 

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