Following your passion against what others project or think for your success, choosing to believe in yourself.

This week on how to be Spiritual & Sassy, I had the pleasure of chatting with the successful multi-talented Jenny Strebe aka Confessions of a hairstylist Hairdresser, Author, Influencer and now self-funded first of its kind crystal infused haircare range Aiir. 


Leading from the front this wife and mother of two chats about how she started her blog Confessions of a hairstylist ten years ago whilst her daughter took naps wanting to fulfill her creative needs as a new mom. 

Starting slow wanting to educate and inspire her audience just like I want to empower and uplift all of my community to step into their greatness in personal development, Jenny (Confessions of a hairdresser) combines her passion which is helping women feel amazing and look awesome too! 


We talk all things new age spirituality including affirmations, journaling, yoga, rituals, getting into the frequency and energy of what you want to attract into your life like you already have it. Jenny also opens up about how she has suffered from low self-esteem in the past even when she had reached a level of celebrity status getting invited to hair award shows there was still a part of her that was trying to keep up, so she sought out therapy and is proud of talking about how it has transformed her outlook, realise what is important to her and why she wanted her community in the first place. 


About Jenny:

Before I was a stylist, blogger or founder, I was a dreamer. AIIR’s inspired by dreams of limitless possibilities and my lifelong quest for balance. In 2013, I was juggling a thriving career as a top hair blogger, author and stylist with a growing family. Amidst the chaos, I discovered peace and balance through yoga and exercise. I struggled to find high-performance hair products that reflected my lifestyle and values. I took a leap of faith to self-fund and develop AIIR Professional: the first crystal-infused hair care line, delivering innovative results with holistic elements from Earth. Blending energetic crystals and natural botanicals, AIIR products support a centred life and healthy hair. Every detail is designed with intention and care, from the beautiful magnolia scent (inspired by my daughter Magnolia), to the holographic labels that symbolize crystals, to the affirmations inscribed on every product. AIIR is for everyone– not only yogis or crystal lovers but everyone who seeks balance and a beautiful life. Our journey is only just beginning. Discover AIIR, find your balance and be well.


How you can connect:


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