Finding your soul tribe

Finding your Soul Tribe


We are all looking for a tribe to belong to whether that be supporting a football team, going to a book club or having a religion. A fundamental human need is the feeling that we belong to a pack/ group of people. Before I had healed some parts of myself which held some abandonment.  Many years ago now I was choosing my ‘TRIBE’ to reflect the emptiness inside taking drugs, drinking heavily to drown out the negative chatter and the poor me story playing on replay in my head over and over, which lead to more emptiness, anxiety and depression. The party lifestyle seems glamourous in your early twenties and is fantastic in moderation but I was taking it to extreme lengths which made it not fun anymore, leading to making bad decisions with money, relationships like a ripple effect in all areas.  


Finding a group of people that understand the part you want to heal in your life is a massive help, it encourages you to continue on the days you feel a little wobbly. Twelve step programmes and fellowships are commonly known worldwide and very easily accessible where I am from in Brighton, East Sussex. I know people that have huge success from them. Supporting alcoholism, drugs, gambling, co-dependency, money problems, eating disorders and sex addiction. If you are reading this feeling like any of the above is becoming a problem there is a lot of support out there. 


I have found in my hypnosis training that people that don’t have a tribe or feel like they belong to a group of people will often resort to a form of self-sabotage maybe not to the extreme of someone where their life becomes completely unmanageable but they are on the scale which is uncomfortable. 


On my journey, I have found that women’s circles have really supported me with undoing unhealthy habits, they have allowed me to tune into my heart. To let go of shame held in the body surrounding unhealthy self-sabotage and get a stronger relationship with my body, excepting all of it. Which also for years on end had a story attached to it that I needed to loose weight, I needed to compare to others with unrealistic goals and expectations. When you surround yourself with ‘REAL’ women of all ages it really makes you realise that self-acceptance and a healthy mindset about the food you choose is better than any diet or fad.  Which is why I set up my own women’s circle and regularly attend a local one in Hove run by Natalie Burtenshaw a fellow energy healer. 


Since being in lockdown she has hosted an open call every morning at 10:00 UK time which has supported my mental health and giving me daily upbeat inspiration from speakers all over the world, which Natalie says flow freely to her due to her practices and rituals she follows to get into the flow state, connecting to the earth and energy. Natalie has taken her work online for FREE until the lockdown is over, her classes are usually held in a beautiful venue in Hove AvaBetsy which is a really pretty cafe and I cant wait to go for coffee with the girls their soon and catch a class with the local tribe!



Show your support to this independent local business who have had to shut due to the circumstances with a like on their page and check out what they will be doing after the lockdown is lifted.

The Red Tent will be featured at The Healing Fest Weekend just a few short weekends away 16th and 17th May with a two-hour workshop, including a group of women who I am lucky enough to now call my friends and part of my soul tribe. Amongst many other talented experts offering their holistic methods to enhance your life and mindset. 


Check out The Red Tent Speakers and experience in collaboration with The Healing Rooms  online holistic festival:

The Red Tent Experiance

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