Earth Day – Getting the Earth into balance

Now is the time we are looking to spread our light more than ever before, looking at how you are using your mindset and energy is so crucial probably more than ever before. What is the story you are telling yourself on a daily basis? Is your heart full of gratitude and love or fear? Light seeds, healers, energy workers are being called to their soul purpose if you have been drawn to this article then it is highly likely you are being called to your soul path. 

Gaia mama Earth right now is resting some friends who are channels say she is in the dreaming state healing from the inside, the more we can go into our energy centres, clear out past wound s, hurts, shame and forgive ourselves and others. Look at our part in providing for the planet the quicker she can heal. For many years the earth has been very much in its masculine energy. It is my belief through my unique gifts with angels, reiki and intuition that the scales are being tipped back into balance for all living things. 

Feminine and masculine energy explained:

In a nutshell – regardless of our biological sex, we all have a mix of masculine and feminine energy, and we need both in our daily lives. Masculine energy = DOING and achieving it is moulded by logic and reason. The feminine is more intuitive, in the flow state to receiving and allowing, Feminine energy = BEING.

When these energies are balanced, we experience a greater sense of harmony and our lives feel aligned which is why right now is the most important time for us to take notice daily what actions are we taking to create balance for ourselves, the planet, animals and plants. It’s like a ripple effect when we heal ourselves it knocks on to everything we come into contact with. 


Launching next Monday I am launching a 21-day programme which will help to support you with balance. 21 Days to happiness and healing join the free community and receive the PDF HERE. 
As part of my gift programme starting next week I will be interviewing Kareela Anahara a channel to spirit guides, Friday 1st May, 9 am UK on her views on how to heal Mama Earth including one she recently channelled and felt strongly about sharing with lightworkers and anyone who wants to do their part. Which is humming, Which I have been incorporating into my ritual routine and must say have felt energised and much more in the flow state since including it.

This will also give you the opportunity to win tickets for The Healing Fest Weekend, a collaboration of over 20 experts in holistic health come together to help you to get in complete balance and harmony in your mind, body and spirit. 

Each week we have been interviewing our experts this week I am the guest! 


Laura Beddoe 

Holistic therapist and Self Love Coach 

Who are you and what do you do? 

I am a Holistic Therapist using a combination of tools including my life coach accreditation, intuitive and reiki energy healing, universal laws and currently undertaking a hypnotherapy diploma. I use deep relaxation tools to get my clients into a deeply relaxed state which helps undo unwanted patterns in the energy field and brain. I am deeply passionate about helping people to have a fantastic relationship with themselves, which then creates opportunities in all areas of life including friendships, love, finances, health, career, fertility and family all areas I have worked with my clients with amazing results.


What can we expect from you at The Healing Fest? 


I envisioned when setting up The Healing Fest a place where people can come to meet real-life everyday people who have expertise in feeling less stressed, who have overcome major obstacles in life. Instead of going to an event where people are famous talking about spiritual or holistic experiences where you are not able to chat to them personally, at this event you can speak to the expert individually and personally. The sessions and workshops are carefully put together to give you an experience which will change the way you look at life at the event and after when you get back to reality with people who may not have the same outlook on life. 


Over the two days, I will be doing two workshops both days at 10:30 Day 1 Saturday 16th May I will be doing a workshop regarding deep self love often we carry around the baggage of the past, many of us replay a story over and over in our minds and also hold it in the body. This session will allow you to let go of what is ready to leave the mind and body as guided meditation and healing.

Day 2 Sunday 17th May I will be offering some top tips to start your day with a sprinkle of manifestation magic also a heart space chakra mediation you can use every day, which after the event you will be sent to keep.


Who are you excited about seeing there and why? 

All of the workshops classes and activities are chosen because they have had a personal impact on my journey, altering my life’s path in some way for the better. For many years I have been on a spiritual, healing journey you see the more we can clear the baggage of the past we can make room for new to come into our path. When we clear get into balance everything flows much easier, the universal laws can come into effect. 


I haven’t personally met Richard Husseiny and Anna Sugarman but I was recommended to them through another speaker and workshop facilitator Georgie Kirwan-Ferreria and after researching them and chatting with them their story is very similar to my own with my fiance and soul mate, so I am excited to hear more about that on the day and join in some yoga with Anna live as I have been during in isolation with her pregnancy yoga classes. 


Tell us a random fact about yourself?

I am a mother of sixteen-year-old son Ryley who I had when I was just eighteen years old. Despite that, I have still managed to travel the world, have run several businesses and was a fire performer in a girl group who travelled the UK. I love house music and I am a tree hugger. 


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Other useful information regarding The Healing Fest weekend :

The Healing Fest has been reduced from £69.99 down to £37 with over 20 experts in health, wellbeing, sound therapy and fitness, Laura Beddoe is one of many of our offerings at The Healing Fest Weekend check out our other exhibitors here: 


Laura will have two workshops over the two days CHECK OUT THE TIME TABLE


Tickets available: The Healing Fest, Wellness Festival ONLINE 

We are offering a 50% off voucher to anyone who is in the vulnerable category during COVID-19. If you work at a supermarket or the NHS. We know this is a time when you are battling stress the most, we appreciate all of the hard work you are providing for the country at this difficult time.

Please send us your requests here: Contact us 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post please give us your feedback or share to shed a little more light on the world.


Love and Light Laura Beddoe

Owner The Healing Rooms x


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