Daily Rituals for self love

Inspired by my recent Vlog and my free download The Art of Self Love this month I decided I would write about my daily rituals which enhance self love, which are now so routine and normal to me. It’s difficult to even think how I functioned before I found my spiritual practice, (oh yes, It’s because I hardly did function 😂😂.) 


My routine would consist of hitting snooze for at least an hour leaving it to the VERY last minute to get out of bed, screaming and shouting at my poor son to hurry up to get ready, whilst chucking on anything making his lunch and his breakfast but skipping myself, to get out the door. I used to put my makeup on whilst on the bus. I didn’t even know the meaning of calm, I just thought that was how I was supposed to feel on edge and like the world was out to get me. Fast forward a few years and now I can’t wait to get out of bed to start my day, the opportunities that lay ahead of me. 


In my download The Art of Self Love it includes five steps to follow step three includes following a daily routine with suggestions to follow to get a better relationship with yourself. Going on a journey of self-love is a beautiful one, it involves slowing things down. You might think I don’t have enough time to slow down, but it’s funny when you start to slow things down and make time for yourself it all just seems to fit, the universe and your highest self wants you to be happy, secure and abundant. It’s our ego-mind that slips into our thoughts when we want to make positive changes. Not because the ego-mind is bad or evil just because it wants us to be safe and make logical, rational decisions which we are used to, or been conditioned to think. When I work on a one on one basis with clients we access the way the subconscious mind has been conditioned, if it’s making you feel anxious or self-sabotaging your attempts to change for the better. We develop new pathways in the brain to allow you to feel secure and safe, excepting change in a loving way. 


I want you to know if you’ve tried a few things already to stop bad habits i.e getting fit, eating healthily, attracting unhealthy relationships but keep repeating the same cycles you are not a failer, it’s just conditioned thinking patterns. You can break getting into a better way of thinking. 



My daily rituals: 


I get grounded by either going outside or taking a moment to listen to the birds before I turn on the radio or TV. 

No technology until 08:30. 

Meditation for at least ten minutes here is my audio to enhance self-love

Affirmations whilst brushing my teeth. 

Reminders on my phone to check in with myself every few hours, practicing being mindful. Asking myself questions 

‘How am I feeling now’, 
‘Do I need water or food’,
‘Am I being kind to myself’ 
‘Am I judging others’ 


Thank the universe for another day of being alive, all that I’m blessed with. 

I write ten things I am grateful for and why 

3/ 4x a week – I step into the vortex before I go to sleep and thank god for all that I am receiving in the future as if it’s happened. It’s a time to create the life you want to live if you are visual draw pictures, write everything you see for your future that fills you with passion and joy. 


I have been doing this for the last two years and everything I ever wanted has happened to me and for me. If you want to change the order lots of my clients do meditation at yoga or they do it before sleep, it doesn’t matter, just an order that suits you.


Every woman has a goddess inside of her it doesn’t matter what you look like, we are born to thrive not survive, I believe in you. I can’t wait for you to start creating a life you are excited about living if I have shone a light for you then my work in this world is done. I love hearing clients tell me about how much their life is changing by developing a sense of self worth, learning to look through eyes of gratitude for the world, knowing that we are here to receive not just give. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I sincerely hope it’s given you some hope, faith or inspiration don’t forget to get the download The Art of Self Love HERE. 


Share if you are called to do so. 


Love Laura  xxx

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