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As promised leading up to The Healing Fest, We will be connecting with every Tuesday and Thursday one of our experts with a Q& A session this week we will be getting to know Hannah Morrish, her business name Hand Holding Human. 


Hannah has a sense of magic about her, the universe aligned to bring us together at a hypnosis training weekend. She has a delicate feminine energy which simply soothes the soul, her gentle husky voice sends you softly into a trance during her sessions, which is why we are super excited about her workshop at The Healing Fest weekend 16th and 17th May just five short weeks away! 

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Hannah as many of us in the holistic, spiritual, heart-centred practitioners is trained in many areas her offering to The Healing Fest is to connect with your inner wisdom lets find out how she will be doing that on the day. 


Who are you and what do you do? 

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a hand-holding human. I work from a gentle, heart-centred place, seamlessly weaving together a blend of techniques, compassion and love to create a space that enables humans to heal and make changes in their lives that are aligned with their desires for the future. I intuitively blend solution-focused psychotherapy, coaching, hypnotherapy, energy techniques and restorative and yin yoga to support everyone I work with and as my role as a volunteer in my local community. 


What can we expect from you at The Healing Fest? 

EFT and yin yoga for self-belief

 I’ll be sharing the benefits of partnering EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with yoga to cultivate self-belief. I like to think of EFT as an infinite pot of ‘rescue remedy’ that flows through your fingertips. It’s a powerful technique for easing uncomfortable emotions and sensations that are often masking an old belief, negative story or an existing pattern that doesn’t support you and the life you want to live. I’ll introduce to you the basic tapping process so that you can use this technique whenever you need too. You’ll leave the session feeling calm and with an understanding of how tapping works and how it can help you.


In yin yoga, we hold the postures for longer. Breathing deeply into our bodies and letting gravity do the work. This supports us to release emotional tension and cultivate self-confidence by trusting ourselves to simply be present. I’ll guide you through 3-4 postures that raise, nourish and restore self-belief, trust and confidence in yourself. You will leave noticing the feeling of more space in your body and that inner-smile that you reminds you that everything you need is within.


Who are you excited about seeing there and why?


I’m really looking forward to Katha Pfeffer’s beautiful session where she’ll be sharing more wisdom about Moon Cycles and guiding a soothing yoga Nidra. I’ve been working much more holistically with my cycle and the phases of the moon for 2-3 years now and I am excited to learn more from Katha. In modern-day society, women’s cycles are not given the respect they deserve or even truly understood so I feel that her session will be truly empowering and support so many of us to see our cycle from a different and more positive perspective.


Tell us a random fact about yourself?


I successfully auditioned as a dancer for Worthing Christmas Pantomine when I was 15. I danced for the whole run as well as being cast as one of the seven dwarfs and a jolly bumble-bee! I also shared the stage with Susan Kennedy from Neighbours, she played the Wicked Queen. It was a lot of fun, very random (I never expected to actually be selected) and it really boosted my confidence. The smell of hairspray for me is a really powerful anchor, it reminds me of the happy times I went on stage doing something I love. 

Useful links to find Hannah Morrish: 

Hannah Morrish

Try her favorite yoga pose lying fish pose:


Other useful information regarding The Healing Fest weekend :

The Healing Fest has been reduced from £69.99 down to £37 with over 20 experts in health, wellbeing, sound therapy and fitness, Hannah is one of many of our offerings at The Healing Fest Weekend check out our other exhibitors here: link 

Hannah Morrish workshop will be Sunday 17th May at 14:00

Tickets available: The Healing Fest, Wellness Festival ONLINE 

We are offering a 50% off voucher to anyone who is in the vulnerable category during COVID-19. If you work at a supermarket or the NHS. We know this is a time when you are battling stress the most, we appreciate all of the hard work you are providing for the country at this difficult time.

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Love and Light Laura Beddoe

Owner The Healing Rooms x

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