Are you stuck loving the idea of love?

This month I wanted to write about love and why I am so passionate about self-love!

St Valentine’s day is coming up soon, a celebration of love which used to be for me a day I dreaded if I was single, bringing up a sense of failure as a single mum. I almost felt as though, when I was single I was failing as a human, like the expectation of others was more important than how I felt and who was right for me! I would unconsciously be seeking outwardly, love to make me feel whole, adequate and respected. Through feeling this way I was constantly searching for the next fix of a relationship though dating apps, scouting at work and asking friends if they had single male friends. Going on dates with an expectation of the man and how I wanted things to go, without really seeing the other person, placing all my expectations for my future into them making me feel good enough, instead of looking for what was right for me, or who was worthy of my time, space and effort. If friends or family dared to call me desperate I would get  upset and think ‘I’m a confident woman,  what’s wrong with looking, putting myself out there?’ 

This led to getting into relationships with people which wasn’t right for me and my son, it led to me staying in relationships which no longer served me, I ignored all my intuition (gut feelings) I pushed it all away because ultimately I just wanted to be loved. A love that I didn’t feel worthy of having, now I have been on a journey within I know it was a love I needed to feel for myself. It only changed when I decided enough was enough, a relationship broke down and I was not prepared to go through the same heartache again. It’s usually only when we get to that breaking point through the pain we decide to make changes, look at unwanted patterns to make changes. Which is usually where I step in now as a Self Love and abundance coach. I help women to change unwanted past patterns to create better ones. I work with many women who don’t place boundaries, they chase after love and wonder why they are not getting their needs met. Once you understand the universal laws, you start to see that relationships are no different to anything you want in life. You must start with how you FEEL. Love yourself so much that, you know any man would be lucky to have you, your children, your time, raise your standards and boundaries and hey presto the man of your dreams will arrive because you don’t put up with BS. 

In aid of this, I have put together a five-step plan to get you started with loving YOU.  What is required to create a deep understanding of self-love, acceptance and letting go of fear? We must first look at your darkness and light, for the imperfectly perfect human that you are. There is so much pressure to be perfect in this world but it is impossible and unrealistic. I am here to help you throughout February to unravel some patterns you have picked up not to self loath or beat yourself up but to start a relationship with yourself, set some boundaries and expect more from the universe including your soulmate if that’s what you want. Sign up HERE free.

I share my vulnerability in the hope to inspire others to rise up.

Love and Light my beauties thank you for taking the time to read if you loved it please like the social pages and share if you think it might help another.


Laura Beddoe

Self Love and Abundance certified life coach.

MISSION: Is to inspire women to rise up, channel their own goddess to live a life you are excited about living. To seek their internal patterns to create new ones in love and abundance. Offering affordable solutions on and offline.


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