Are you ready to RISE?

The great standstill of 2020 has made women all over the world hear there calling to rise up.


The wild woman inside that has laid dormant has awoken to her true soul purpose. She will not be confined by what society says she should do, she listens to Mother Earths whispers like a phoenix bursting out of the flames she steps into her power.

She decides to fall in love with every inch of her beautiful body, nurturing her soul by slowing down to listen and receive

Can you feel a passion to step into your power, is reading this helping you to remember the beat of the drum that beats for you?

The Healing Rooms has created a safe space for women to explore their power, introducing Wild Woman, inner tribe circle.

After twelve weeks of upgrades, shifts and lots of release Laura Beddoe creator of The Healing Rooms, has upleveled, upgraded and wants to hold out her hand to give you a hand up.

For the woman:

  • The woman that won’t listen to the status quo
  • She tears up the rule book
  • She feels unfulfilled in her 9-5 job!
  • She connects to something magical but isn’t quite sure what it is but feels hungry for more!
  • She loves her family but she wants to form a deep inner connection.
  • She can feel the energy and calling and wants to understand it.

LAUNCHES TONIGHT at 7:30 on Zoom 

Join the tribe:

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