Are you ready to learn more about your feminine superpowers?

Would you describe yourself as a balanced person?

If the answer is no it’s most likely because your divine masculine and feminine energies are unbalanced. Many of us are walking around wounded carrying about conditioning and beliefs from our childhood. From the age of 0-7 we are walking around in our subconscious literally forming our patterns, which then stays with us throughout life which is tied in with the way we behave in relationships, with money and the way we treat our self-care and wellbeing.


When you awaken to this knowledge it’s a game-changer because if you feel stuck in ANY of the above it means you can do something about it Hoorah!! (Phew!)

I completely changed my life around five years ago when I was sick and tired of repeating the same patterns not knowing I had a wounded masculine & feminine carrying around Daddy issues and a victim mindset looking for the answers in another when the whole time the divine masculine and feminine lived inside of me. I didn’t need to be reduced by a man or anyone else, in fact, I could be everything I needed.


Over the past fourteen years I’ve studied The Law of attraction, I’ve now trained in the universal laws and am a Reiki Master. For the past four years, I have been a spiritual coach and have recently trained as a hypnotherapist using Solution-Focused Psychotherapy.

Which has to lead me to combine all of my skills to offer my clients a course:

Rediscover your feminine gifts – Unlock your inner wisdom and connect with your highest self over six modules. 

Check out this week’s podcast:

Why would you care what your feminine gifts are? When we are in a balance of masculine and feminine the world flows and we can embody alignment. We don’t need to look outside of ourselves for approval because we step into a place of worthiness of love for ourselves and for others without judgment or resentment.

The scales have been tipped and many of us are dropping from the head down to the heart, this can happen when we can let go, surrender the conditioning. When a woman is in her divine she doesn’t need to hustle or push. She can listen to her soul and her intuition. She can be vulnerable, she can love and be loved without conditions with boundaries.


The woman juggling life, she has a busy mind and big heart with big dreams but unsure how it’s going to happen. 

She knows in her heart she deserves more in terms of money, time but unsure how it’s going to happen. 

The woman that gives to work, her partner and children but forgetting herself. 

The woman that doesn’t like to say no. 

The woman that needs to get on top of her finances so she can attract more wealth and prosperity.   

The woman that is so busy she forgets to relax and take time out just for her. 

She has a gut feeling about things and is usually right. She wants to learn how to draw from it. 




This course will be six months of life transformation, a deep dive into how you can literally manifest everything you want including finance, wellbeing and relationships. When you can learn to balance your divine energies you will transform your entire life and everyone you encounter will be affected by the ripples you create. 


You will get access to monthly group training via ZOOM all available on replay in the private online community. 


Access & motivation to a private community of people just like you to lift you up, network and raise each other up throughout the entire course.


A divine goddess starter pack including crystals, aromatherapy and workbook. 


Module 1 : Self Healing – Connecting to your truth. Your monthly cycle explained – with guest expert

Module 2: Making peace with yourself and others 

Module 3: Breaking free from negative patterns 

Module 4: Raising your vibration to align with what you desire. 

Module 5: Living by the twelve universal laws. 

Module 6: Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy with Human Design Expert. 

Rediscover your feminine gifts – Unlock your inner wisdom and connect with your highest self over six modules. 

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