Want to put an end to emotional binge eating?

GREAT NEWS!!! The Healing Fest, Wellness Festival will still be going ahead. We didn’t want to let down any of our guests but at the same time, we want to keep you safe, so we’ve still got all the goodness packed into a weekend of live webinars for you to enjoy during lock down. With uncertainty on when things will return to what we know as normality, hopefully, if we all work together as a collective this can be soon. 


At a time where so much has changed, it has been fantastic for myself and other professionals in the wellness sector to really lean in and support one another. All of the skills profiled at The Healing Fest are useful to keep the body working in the parasympathetic nervous system which keeps us calm, digests our food better and gives us all-round better health. We store stress in the body, learning how to allow feelings to come and go without desensitising them is really useful especially in times of high stress. 


The Healing Fest will now be over two days ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the fantastic expert line up which is available HERE. The weekend will be run over the two days interactively via webinar link which will help to keep the unity and connectivity which we wanted for the day in our mission. We will also be offering all of our guests the option to keep the talks with free access in our club membership VIP to watch whenever you want after the event is finished.



Leading up to The Healing Fest weekend 16th and 17th May we will be speaking with the fantastic wellness warriors profiling their talents and gifts for you to learn and participate in during The Healing Fest weekend, with a Q&A, Kicking off with Julie Chinmayi Dore, offering her gifts to stop binge eating. 


The Healing Rooms will be asking all of the exhibitors over the next seven weeks leading up to the event these questions. 


Who are you and what do you do? 

‘’My name is Julie and I’m also lucky enough to have been given a spiritual name by my yoga teacher in India of “Chinmayi” meaning “bestower of bliss.”


I am a yoga teacher of 14 yrs, holistic therapist, shamanic healer/ reiki master, binge eating coach and best-selling international author.’’


What can we expect from you at The Healing Fest? 

‘’At this premiere of the Healing Fest, I’m going to be talking to you about binge and emotional eating, why diets don’t work and how to uncover a healthy lifetime relationship with food.’’


who are you excited about seeing there and why? 

‘’I’m excited to hear as many of the other presenters as possible during the day. I’m totally in awe of the knowledge and experience of the amazing people contributing to the day. I’ve always held the Law of Attraction close to my chest though I feel like there’s always a need for reminders so I’m really excited to hear from Laura Beddoe.’’


Tell us a random fact about yourself?

‘’I’m a trance and progressive house DJ and at the age of 54 I still love to dance til dawn to my favourite tunes!’’


Useful links to find Julie Chinmayi Dore: 

Julie Chinmayi Dore



Other useful information regarding The Healing Fest weekend :

The Healing Fest has been reduced from £69.99 down to £37 with over 20 experts in health, wellbeing, sound therapy and fitness, Julie is one of many of our offerings for this now global event. 

Tickets available: The Healing Fest, Wellness Festival ONLINE 

We are offering a 50% off voucher to anyone who is in the vulnerable category during Covid-19. If you work at a supermarket or the NHS. We know this is a time when you are battling stress the most, we appreciate all of the hard work you are providing for the country at this difficult time.

Please send us your requests here: Contact us 

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