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About Laura Beddoe - Founder of the Healing Rooms

Laura Beddoe

Hypnotherapist, Coach, mentor & Speaker.

Laura’s mission is to impact one million lives by 2023.

Creating Spaces on and offline to support women with big hearts and busy heads to get balance and freedom in all areas.

Laura is known for her passion to empower women with her platforms, workshops and retreats. 

Published TedX speaker

Host – Spiritual & Sassy The Podcast

Diving Deeper 

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me, fellow light being, soul sister, light seed. Let me introduce myself I’m guessing if you have landed here you are interested in diving deeper into your soul path; maybe you are experiencing an awakening to a new layer to be shed. In my story, I’ve had many layers and awakenings at the time it can seem uncomfortable but don’t panic it gets better!

Like most humans at 34, I have had many experiences to draw from which can guide you with empathy and integrity in your journey. 

Like most stories and tales of transformation to spiritual enlightenment, mine starts at rock bottom, after a relationship break down and being made homeless the veil was thinned, I stepped away from my pride and let go of my masks pretending everything was ok, I got humble and asked for help. I was guided to support in the form of a spiritual group and devoted my life to a spiritual practice which showed me how to live a fulfilled life. 

I learned how to take care of myself, how to let go of blame, guilt and shame to forgive myself for the choices I had made up to that point which included a lot of self sabotage including drugs, alcohol and toxic relationships. I decided to leave my corporate job to start up The Healing Rooms to help women like myself to step into their own power, learning how to unblock their mind and energy field. 

The Rebirth

After the sad loss of two babies, I had to dive even deeper into my faith, using my reiki healing abilities I explored womb healing. Our sacral chakra is where we store past sexual experiences every time we have a sexual exchange we exchange energy, learning to cleanse this with love from Gaia helped me conceive my beautiful daughter. Leading up to her birth I did training for unscripted hypnotherapy using solution-focused phycology which tailors hypnosis to the individuals’ needs. Using myself as a guinea pig me and my partner leading up to our birth we used visualisation techniques, hypnosis audio and breathwork. Our birth was better than we had planned in our birth wishes and my fourth trimester was beautiful after working with a doula, I learned the importance of body confidence, self care plus tuning even further into my feminine energy. Since that time I have worked with two families aiding them in their birth wishes and will be helping families pre and postnatally going forward.

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