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About Laura Beddoe - Founder of the Healing Rooms

Laura Beddoe – Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Coach & Owner Of The Healing Rooms

Brighton based entrepreneur,  Specialising in coaching women with love, finance and mental health. Creating courses on and offline using her skill set using a holistic approach. Enabling women to up level, to get aligned to manifest a life of heaven on earth. Reiki healer, meditation group facilitator, public speaker, spiritual and holistic coach. 

Her Mission

Is to awaken others to their true potential in life, move past blocks, to align and manifest a life which you feel excited about everyday. Fall in love with who you really are, to learn to have intimate, vulnerable relationships with others and learn that ‘money’ isn’t a dirty word. Working with her clients together to reignite who you have always been and own it, all of it!

Straighten your crown and be the goddess you were always born to be sister.


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Laura’s Story

I want to share my story to give you comfort and ease so if you decide to work with me you know that I can relate to your story, If you have already read this far I am guessing that you are struggling in one or more areas of your life and are seeking some support to move past it. I too was holding it all together for a long time knowing that I was truly unhappy in most areas of my life but didn’t know how to move past it. I had a story playing out in my mind which was outdated.


Like most stories and tales of transformation and spiritual enlightenment mine starts at rock bottom, after a relationship break down and being made homeless, I decided I needed something to change, I dedicated my life to a spiritual practice, I took the time to unpeel the onion as to what had lead me to the life I was living. It’s a bitter pill to swallow if you don’t like your current physical situation if you learn you created it, but the good news is YOU can change it right NOW!


Through a process of deep inner healing I realised I  was staying in dead relationships for too long, I was self loathing with low self esteem, I was running off fear for most of my adult life and had a victim mentality. I started writing my own story which I liked, I saw that the universe is always working with me if I let it, when I changed my perception everything flowed better.


Instead of using my outdated story from my traumatic childhood as a reason to hold me back, I used it as my reason to rise up. I dedicated one year to not drinking and a sober lifestyle whilst I looked at my patterns which had lead me to toxic relationships, poor job choices and most importantly why I was my own worst enemy. This lead onto me develop better relationships with my friends and family, meeting my soulmate whom I’m now engaged to marry in 2021. Living in my dream home and creating my business THE HEALING ROOMS. I now teach the tools which I learned and still use to this day to have a life that is limitless and abundant in all areas. 


Straighten your crown and be the goddess you were always born to be sister.